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Program Details

Efficient Entrepreneurship – Efficiency, the Key to a Successful Business

Efficient Entrepreneurship consist of 2 modules, namely:


1. Effective Time Management

Through technology and cumulative business pressures many of us now live in a bubble of continuous and immediate delivery.  Time management is therefore absolutely crucial.  Without it we firefight, stretch ourselves and our resources, and ultimately deliver mediocre work. This session is about taking control and ensuring that we remain fully productive throughout the working day.


2. Problem solving and Decision Making

Problem solving and decision making are an essential part of daily routine. In many cases we follow familiar patterns in order to draw deductions and make a decision.  However, how many of these patterns are evidenced based?  How many are influenced by emotion or bias and how many are devoid of any clear decision making framework?  The aim of this course is to challenge delegates to consider how they make decisions and provide practical tools which can be immediately applied within the workplace.