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Program Details

Emerging Leaders - Tatweeri

Program Description:

Emerging Leaders consist of 3 modules, namely:

1.       (1) Building and Developing the Team

Team building is difficult. Balancing the needs of the team, task and individual represents an eternal challenge.  The unseen behavioral dynamics of personality, self-belief and personal agenda often override what the leader hopes to achieve.  Therefore, in many businesses highly effective teams are absent.  Instead most organizations possess an abundance of groups.  These are very different to teams.  

Teams are however the essential building block for any successful organization.  They provide the springboard for greater production, increased value and creative thinking. They create a protective buffer for periods of stress and tension and are essential for thriving in today’s business environment.

2.      (2)  Communicating and Influencing

Communicating and influencing are intrinsically linked.  In today’s complex and volatile business environment employees need to able to communicate and influence across a wide range of stakeholders.   This is not easy.   Under considerable stress it is very easy to become positional and create a combative environment.  This can have a lastly impact in terms of productivity and working relationships.  This course is specifically designed to ensure that the delegate is provided with the key skills, to not only achieve core objectives, but also influence, maintain and grow relationships in today’s challenging workplace. 

3.       (3) Leading and Managing Change

As organization undergoes change, it raises a lot questions: how will affect our people? How will we manage our teams? How can we retain our best staff and how will we know it is working? The aim of this workshop is to answer these questions. In offering a range


Learning Objectives:

1.       By the end of the module, Building and Developing the Team, participants will be able to:

·         Understand the difference between a group and a team

·         Critically analyze their own work environments

·         Apply a framework for team building

·         Delegate tasks in a clear and concise manner

·         Understand the difference between influence and control


2.       By the end of the module, Communicating and Influencing, participants will be able to:

·         Identify the behaviors required to build trusted and sustainable relationships

·         Apply a systemic approach to influence and persuasion

·         Understand personal communication styles

·         Frame the conversations to create positive outcomes


3.       By the end of the module, Leading and Managing Change, participants will be able to:

·         Understand foundational aspects of change management and the critical role managers play in the change process

·         Learn a practical framework for processing the many changes that impact them

·         Understand how to facilitate individual change and identify reasons for employee resistance

·         Create action plans to move employees past barrier points and to the desired future state


Course Outline



Building and developing the Team


·         Team Chaos

·         Where are we at?

·         What is a team?

·         Team Decision Making

·         Team Development

·         What makes you tick?

·         Delegation

·         Building Team Resilience

·         Coaching the Team

·         Communicating your intent



Communicating and Influencing


·         Tell me a Story

·         What makes a Strong Communicator?

·         The Communication Arena

·         Presenting with Influence

·         Personal Style and Emotion

·         Team Presentations

·         Communicating with Difficult Stakeholders

·         Closing


Day 3


·         All Change

·         Understanding Leadership Requirements

·         Why you/ your team have been Unsuccessful at Change

·         Understanding the Psychology of Change and Motivation

·         Exploring the Change, its implication, its benefits

·         A ‘tour’ of some general approaches to change:  Micro v. Macro; Incremental v. Radical; Continuous v. Discrete; linear v. cyclical and Directive v. Participative

·         Red Team Exercise

·         Influence and Persuasion

·         Become a change agent



Who Should Attend?

  •        Managers
  •        Entrepreneurs
  •        Team Leaders
  •        Directors
  •        Business Owners