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Program Details

Mastering Marketplace eCommerce

10 - 13 December 2018


This course is designed for entrepreneurs and businesses who are considering creating their eCommerce business on a marketplace such as Amazon, Etsy etc. It is designed to offer a strategic approach to the creation of the business, from understanding the ins and outs of Marketplace eCommerce and how it can benefit their business. It also offers participants hands-on learning on setting up and the key pillars of running their business on a day to day basis– from understanding their customers, setting the ideal product set, managing inventory, the ideal marketing strategy, and the ultimate customer retention strategies to achieve growth.



  • Understand the “marketplace mindset” and set a commitment to servicing customers
  • Deep dive into the ‘marketplace’ value chain
  • Uncover the different business models (trading vs marketplace) and the drivers behind them
  • Understand how to best market their business on a crowded marketplace
  • Step-by-step process to set up a business on a marketplace
  • 6 step process for creating a sustainable marketplace business
  • Generate ideas on how to overcome limitations on marketplace e-commerce
  • Obtain cutting-edge e-tailing optimization strategies to increase customer conversion, retention and life-time-value in a marketplace