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Microsoft training does more than just build Technical Skills. It prepares you for roles employers need to fill. Microsoft training and certifications includes problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as technical specializations, hands-on experience and practice requirements, which will help you skill up for in-demand jobs. Content and assessments are kept up to date to meet industry demands to help you stay current. Microsoft training also helps you learn in the style that best fits your needs.


Learn new skills to boost your productivity and enable your organization to accomplish more with Microsoft Certifications.

Becomes a Global Training Partner for Microsoft



ThinkSmart for Development and Training has been selected by Microsoft as a Global Training Partner (GTP) for the Education Sector, as part of Microsoft’s Skilling Initiatives for K-12 and Higher Education worldwide. This global initiative aims to enhance the readiness of Teachers and Learners for the future that adopts Innovation and Technology in education. As a Global Training Partner, ThinkSmart will run official Microsoft Education Transformation Framework Workshops, and Skilling Programs for University Leaders, as well as Educators, enabling them to deliver in-depth learning experiences aligned with the Education Transformation Framework that will be accepted on a global scale.

The Microsoft Global Training Partner initiative, offers Professional Development Programs in the following areas:

  • Education Transformation Framework
  • Modern Classroom Teacher Academies
  • Future-Ready Skills and Industry Certifications
  • Mine Craft Education Edition

Under this partnership with Microsoft, one of ThinkSmart’s crucial roles is to help the Education Sector of Bahrain adapt and leverage their investment in Digital Transformation, helping educators to effectively integrate technology into teaching and learning which will help drive Positive Student Learning outcomes and help connect an array of Educators on a global scale. 

About the ETF

Holistic approach

The education of the whole child requires a complex integration of numerous functions of a school system. Successful transformations are holistic and systemic.

Complimentary online learning

All GTP professional development sessions can be blended with or complimented by free trainings and resources made available for all on the Microsoft Educator Center (MEC) – personalized hub created for educators. MEC also provides badges and certificates for those completing PD sessions.

Access to Latest 21st Century Skills Pedagogy

Research shows that recent advancements in technology such as automation and AI will affect tasks in virtually all occupational groups in the future. Ensure your students are prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by providing them with the future-ready skills they need to succeed.

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For help creating modern teaching and learning with technology, just ask. Microsoft’s in-house experts and education transformation partners can get you started with workshops tailored to your team.

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